How Does Fife Housing Register Work?

The Fife Housing Register has been created to allow applicants for Social Housing to complete one application to apply to more than one housing provider.

Your application will be assessed using our common assessment of need to award points that reflect your current living circumstances.

We will:

  • Provide friendly help
  • Provide good quality advice and information
  • Provide an effective and efficient service
  • Ensure your application is treated fairly and equally
  • Ensure that your information will only be seen by those that need to know
  • Contact you if there are any problems with your application form
  • Process your application as quickly as possible
  • Ensure anything we send you will be clear and understandable

We need you to:

  • Include full, honest and up to date information on your application
  • Provide relevant proofs and any extra information we need to assess your application
  • Ensure your application is up to date at all times
  • Reply to anything that we send you

Start your Application

To complete an online housing application you will need to register for a secure account on Fife Direct. If you already have an account, login in using your existing details.

If you already have an application and you need to update your circumstances, call us on 03451 55 00 33. Please do not submit a new application.

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