Fife Housing Register Objectives

  • Provide access to social landlords in Fife through a single point of contact and application form.
  • Provide a single unified database of applicants for all types of housing.
  • Allow participating landlords to access and use the database in accordance with Fife Housing Register policy and practice or gain access through the 100% nomination referral agreement.
  • Allow applicants to select their landlords and areas of choice.
  • Provide high quality housing options information detailing a range of stock information.
  • Promote the development of comprehensive housing advice services encompassing all housing services in Fife.
  • Collect information which will contribute to strategic planning in the area.
  • Extend partnership options to a range of housing providers within the social rented and private rented sectors.
  • Assist in the development of local lettings initiatives.
  • Utilise technology to simplify the means of applying for and accessing housing in Fife.
  • Promote equality and accountability.
  • Support a longer term efficiency agenda for all Fife Housing Register partner organisations.
  • Review and develop innovative service delivery mechanisms in partnership.

Start your Application

Due to service disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we are currently unable to process new housing applications or changes to existing applications within normal timescales. If you applied for housing from March 2020 there may also be a significant delay in your application being assessed.

If you are homeless, or need somewhere to stay urgently, please call 0800 028 6231 so we can discuss your housing options.

To complete an online housing application you will need to register for a secure account on Fife Direct. If you already have an account, login in using your existing details.

If you already have an application and you need to update your circumstances, please do not submit a new application. Please log back onto your online application for housing and update the information required. If you have moved address please complete every section of the application, taking into account your new housing circumstances.

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