Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a serious crime and has profound effects on society.

If you are someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse contact the Police on 101 (and ask for the domestic abuse unit), or contact Fife Women's Aid on 0808 802 5555.

In an emergency call 999 for urgent assistance.

Domestic abuse can be carried out by partners or ex-partners and includes any form of:

  • Physical abuse
  • Punching, choking, slapping, hair pulling, grabbing or pushing
  • not allowing to you to sleep or rest
  • Sexual abuse
  • Acts which degrade and humiliate. Are carried out against the victim's will, including rape.
  • Mental and emotional abuse, threats, verbal abuse, withholding money. Other types of coercive or controlling behaviour such as isolation from family or friends.

Even if you think you’re experiencing mild abuse, it’s important to recognise it.

You can speak to someone you trust or use one of the contacts below, who will:

  • Give you information and support.
  • Help you consider your options and support you in achieving what you choose to do.
  • Help you contact the other services you need

Domestic Abuse is taken very seriously within the Fife Housing Register and our Common Assessment of Need.  The following steps are taken;

  • There is dedicated questions regarding Domestic Abuse included in the Fife Housing Register Housing Options Plan and Housing Application Form.
  • If an applicant indicates that they are suffering from Domestic Abuse this is flagged up to the Fife Housing Register Team when they are assessing the application.
  • Once the assessment is complete by the FHR Team and the Housing Officer, 100 Urgent Housing Points could be awarded to the application.
  • Discussions will be had to ensure the applicant's safety and discussions support can be offered and put in place including temporary accommodation if required.
  • Whilst an applicant is waiting to be rehoused, they will be case managed by a Housing Officer meaning they will have one person to contact directly and receive regular (every 12 weeks) updates on their application

You also can get support and information from:

  • Fife Women's Aid on 0808 802 5555 or email
  • Shakti Women’s Aid – Shakti Women’s Aid offers information, support and advocacy for black minority ethnic women, experiencing domestic abuse, forced marriage and other honour-based abuse issues, FGM (female genital mutilation). Telephone: 01383 431 243 Email:
  • National Domestic Abuse helpline (for women and men) 0800 027 1234 or email - As the National Domestic Abuse Helpline for Scotland, this service offers information and support to anyone affected by abuse and works within national standards.
  • Fife Violence Against Women Partnership
  • Police on 101 (specifying Domestic Abuse Unit)
  • In a emergency call 999 for urgent assistance

Service Update

November 2023 - Customer Survey

We want to hear from you! Fife Housing Register are running a customer survey from November 2023 to January 2024. We want to hear from applicants who have either completed their housing journey with us or are currently on our waiting list. Your answers could help us improve our service in the future. Please see the below link to the survey;


June 2023 - The Fife Housing Register Team have moved base from New City House, Dunfermline to Brunton House, Cowdenbeath. Any Post being sent to the FHR Team should be sent to the following;

Fife Housing Register Team, Cowdenbeath Customer Service Centre, Brunton House, High Street, Cowdenbeath, KY4 9QU.

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