Rent Arrears

If you are struggling to pay your rent, please don’t just ignore it and hope that the problem will go away. Instead, contact your landlord as soon as possible to discuss your situation – early intervention is the key to avoiding arrears and there is lots of support and advice available from organisations such as Citizens Advice & Rights Fife and the Money Advice Service.

If you are finding it difficult to pay your rent, you may also find the Welfare and benefits and Too many rooms sections of this website useful.

If you rent in the private sector and have rent arrears the Fife Private Rental Solution (FPRS) can provide advice and assistance. They will work with you, and your landlord, to resolve any rent or other tenancy related issue; working together to help sustain your tenancy. For more information, please contact the FPRS team on 01592 201849, email or visit their website

Please see our FAQs section to find out how having rent arrears or other housing related debts could result in you housing application being suspended, and what you need to do to have your suspension lifted.

Service Update

Winter/Spring 2022 – Do you want to update your current application for housing? We are currently working on a new UPDATE FORM and we hope to have this ready for you soon. However, if you want to update or withdraw your application for housing you can:

Depending on what the update is, we may have to contact you for further information to enable the update to be completed.

If you have moved address please complete a new application form.