What happens at the moment? Priority or preference is given to social housing tenants who are under-occupying.

Under-occupying your home means you have more bedrooms than you need. We use the information you give us to calculate if you are entitled to under-occupancy points. We award 5 points for under-occupancy regardless of the number of bedrooms not being used.

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 Act states that, when looking for a new tenant, we must give reasonable preference to:

  • Tenants of a social landlord who are under-occupying their home

Social landlord are expected to make best use of their housing stock and they can decide to give extra points/priority for each bedroom not being used so that tenants, who want to move to a smaller property, can be prioritised for a transfer.

When looking at priority for under-occupancy the Fife Housing Register partners make a single award of 5 points regardless of the number of bedrooms not being used.

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Do you think the points awarded for under-occupancy should be increased?

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