Contact Form

If you need to contact us because you have an enquiry about how to apply, who is eligible to apply and what happens if your application if suspended or withdrawn you could look at our FAQs.

If you have a specific question about your housing application you could call Fife Council on 03451 55 00 33 or make direct contact with a Fife Housing Register Partner or use the form below.

If you have an enquiry about an allocation decision you should contact the Fife Housing Register Partner who made this decision.

You can also refer to the Enquiries section for further information about our complaints procedures.

The contact form below can be used if you have a Fife Housing Register enquiry that cannot be answered using our FAQs.

If you use this form to contact us a member of the Fife Housing Register Team will reply to your enquiry within 5 working days.



Service Update

Winter/Spring 2022 – Do you want to update your current application for housing? We are currently working on a new UPDATE FORM and we hope to have this ready for you soon. However, if you want to update or withdraw your application for housing you can:

Depending on what the update is, we may have to contact you for further information to enable the update to be completed.

If you have moved address please complete a new application form.