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You can use our new property map to see the areas where the Fife Housing Register partners have properties.

This map will let you know the number of properties that we have in each area so that you can make an informed decision about your preferred areas of choice when you submit your Fife Housing Register application.

Searches can be filtered by landlord, property type and the size of property (number of bedrooms).

Please note that this is not a register of available properties.

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Due to service disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we are currently unable to process new housing applications or changes to existing applications within normal timescales. If you applied for housing from March 2020 there may also be a significant delay in your application being assessed.

If you are homeless, or need somewhere to stay urgently, please call 0800 028 6231 so we can discuss your housing options.

To complete an online housing application you will need to register for a secure account on Fife Direct. If you already have an account, login in using your existing details.

If you already have an application and you need to update your circumstances, please do not submit a new application. Please log back onto your online application for housing and update the information required. If you have moved address please complete every section of the application, taking into account your new housing circumstances.

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