Enquiries, Comments & Complaints

The Fife Housing Register is committed to providing high quality services, however if something goes wrong and you are dissatisfied with our services please tell us.


If you have an enquiry about the customer service you have received from a Fife Housing Register partner, you should contact the partner concerned and they will respond directly back to you.

If you have an enquiry about your application assessment regarding:

  • Your points
  • The outcome of your medical assessment by the Housing Occupational Therapist
  • Any part of the information provided in your points letter

You should email

If you have an enquiry regarding an allocation or offer made by a Fife Housing Register partner, you should contact the partner landlord concerned and they will respond directly back to you.


We are always interested in your comments. Your comments can help us to:

  • improve the quality of services we provide, and
  • plan and improve services to better meet your needs.

We also like to know when things have gone well and you have received good customer service, we can then pass these compliments on to the staff involved.

You can send comments from our contact form or contact the partner concerned.


If you have a complaint regarding:

  • Fife Housing Register has not met the standards you expected while assessing your application
  • Unhappy with the points awarded
  • Your application being suspended
  • Unhappy with the Housing Occupational Therapists Assessment

Our complaints procedure has two stages:

Stage one – frontline resolution

We aim to resolve complaints quickly and close to where we provide the service. This could mean an on-the-spot apology and explanation if something has clearly gone wrong, and immediate action to resolve the problem.

We will give you our decision at stage 1 within five working days, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

If we can’t resolve your complaint at this stage, we might suggest that you take your complaint to Stage 2. You may choose to do this immediately or sometime after you get our initial decision.

Stage two – investigation

Stage 2 deals with two types of complaint: those that have not been resolved at stage 1 and those that are complex and require detailed investigation.

When using stage 2 we will:

  • acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days
  • discuss your complaint with you to understand why you remain dissatisfied and what outcome you are looking for
  • give you a full response to the complaint as soon as possible, at least within 20 working days.

If our investigation will take longer than 20 working days, we will tell you. We will agree revised time limits with you and keep you updated on progress.

You can log you complaint by completing the complaints form within and this will be forwarded to the Fife Housing Register Partnership.

Still dissatisfied?

After we have fully investigated, if you are still dissatisfied with our decision or the way we dealt with you complaint, you can ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) to look at it. There is no further level of appeal within the Fife Housing Register Partnership. The SPSO cannot normally look at:

  • a complaint that has not completed stage two as above.
  • events that happened, or that you became aware of, more than a year ago
  • a matter that has been or is being considered in court.

You can contact the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman:

In person: SPSO, 4 Melville Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7NS

By post: SPSO, Freepost SPSO, Edinburgh, EH3 0BR

Freephone: 0800 377 7330

Online contact:


Start your Application

Due to service disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we are currently unable to process new housing applications or changes to existing applications within normal timescales. If you applied for housing from March 2020 there may also be a significant delay in your application being assessed.

If you are homeless, or need somewhere to stay urgently, please call 0800 028 6231 so we can discuss your housing options.

To complete an online housing application you will need to register for a secure account on Fife Direct. If you already have an account, login in using your existing details.

If you already have an application and you need to update your circumstances, please do not submit a new application. Please log back onto your online application for housing and update the information required. If you have moved address please complete every section of the application, taking into account your new housing circumstances.

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